Accepted Papers (up to now)

  • Riccardo Baratella (University of Padua, Italy): "Material Objects, Events, and Property-Instances" (Commentator: Giacomo Giannini)

  • Moritz Baron (The Universities of Stirling and St Andrews, Scotland): "Can Williamson’s Counterfactual-based Epistemology of Modality Explain our Knowledge of Mathematical Necessity?" (Commentator: Michael J. Raven)

  • Daniel Berntson (Princeton University, USA): "Relational Possibility"

  • Gaétan Bovey (University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland): "Can ‘intrinsicality’ save the existential-modal account of essence? A critical response to David Denby" (Commentator: Karol Lenart)

  • Matthew James Collier (University of Oxford): "God Exists in all Possible Worlds: Anselmian Theism and Genuine Modal Realism" (Commentator: Daniel Berntson)

  • Michael De (University of Miami, USA): "A Presentist’s Paradise?" (Commentator: Michael Wallner)

  • Fernando Furtado (University of Lisbon, Portugal): "S5-denying Approach to Relativised Metaphysical Modality" (Commentator: Nathan Hawkins)

  • Giacomo Giannini (Durham University, UK): "Resemblance, Representation, and Counterparts" (Commentator: Sanna Mattila)

  • Nathan Hawkins (Cambridge University, UK): "Paired Quantified Modal Logic" (Commentator: Matteo Pascucci)

  • Luke Malik (Osaka University, Japan): "Metaphorical Utterances and Category Mistakes" (Commentator: Daniel Milne-Plückebaum)

  • Jorge Luis Méndez-Martínez (National Research University in Moscow, Russian Federation): "Impossible authorships? Or how could Pierre Menard be the author of The Quixote" (Commentator: Matthew James Collier)

  • Sanna Mattila (University of Helsinki, Finland): "Epistemology of Possibility and Reliabilism: a Challenge Considered" (Commentator: David Mark Kovacs)

  • Cristina Nencha (University of Turin, Italy): "David Lewis and Kit Fine’s Essences"

  • Daniel Milne-Plückebaum (Bielefeld University, Germany): "Meinongian Modal Meinongianism"

  • David Mark Kovacs (Tel Aviv University, Israel): "Constitution, Dependence, and Mereological Hylomorphism" (Commentator: Jorge Luis Méndez-Martínez)

  • Karol Lenart (Jagiellonian University, Poland): "Essentialism, Haecceitism and Anti-Haecceitism" (Commentator: Michael De)

  • Bjørn Jespersen (VSB-TU Ostrava, Czech Republic, University in Utrecht, Netherlands): "The Man without Properties: Impossible Individuals as Hyperintensions"

  • Michael J. Raven (University of Victoria, Canada & University of Washington, USA): "A Problem for Immanent Universals in States of Affairs" (Commentator: Riccardo Baratella)

  • Anand Jayprakash Vaidya (San José State University, USA) & Michael Wallner (University of Graz, Austria): "Reductive and Non-Reductive Finean Essentialism" (Commentator: Gaétan Bovey)



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