Accepted Papers (up to now)

  • Kirk Lougheed (McMaster University): "Epistemically Possible Worlds and the Counterpossible Objection to the Axiology of Theism"

  • Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra (Oxford University): "Are the laws of metaphysics metaphysically necessary?"

  • Yael Loewenstein (University of Houston): "Against the Standard Solution to the Grandfather Paradox (And How Not to Understand Time-Indexed Modals in Contexts with Backwards Causation)"

  • Nathan Wildman (Tilburg University/TiLPs): "Necessity by Accident"

  • Martin Glazier (University of Hamburg): "What time is it in other possible worlds?"

  • Michael De (University of Bern): "Truthmakers or truthmaking supervenience?"

  • Benjamin Marschall (University of Cambridge): "Carnap’s Internal Platonism"

  • Michael Bertrand (Auburn University): "Two Concepts of Metaphysical Grounding"

  • Jan Heylen & Felipe Morales (KU Leuven&KU Leuven): "Circularity and Modality"

  • Dan Marshall (Lingnan University): "Against Linguistic Ersatzism"

  • Krzysztof Wójtowicz (University of Warsaw): "The Modal Character of Program explanations"

  • Peter Marton (Bridgewater State University): "Without Conceivability. (A Moderate Anti-Realist Approach to Possibility, Meaning ... and Zombies)"

  • Karol Lenart (Jagiellonian University): "Actualism and Haecceitism"

  • Riccardo Baratella (Universität Salzburg): "No Chance for the Change Argument – A Reply to Stout’s “The Category of Occurrent Continuants"

  • Rheanna Trevino (University of Texas at San Antonio): "Actualism and Being: Ontological Commitments and Modal Logic"

  • Dirk Franken (University of Mainz): "On Confusions of Ground and Existence"

  • Anthony Fisher (University of Manchester): "David Lewis and the Role of Theoretical Virtues in Metaphysics"

  • Giacomo Giannini (Durham University): "A Crowded World. Dispositionalism and Necessitism"

  • Alessandro Torza (National Autonomous University of Mexico): "Ground and Modality"

  • Ethan Brauer (Ohio State University): "Metaphysical Nihilism and Modal Logic"

  • Zach Thornton (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): "Distinctness as Possible Difference"

  • Michael Wallner&Anand Jayprakash Vaidya (University of Graz&San Jose State University): "The Structure of Essentialist Explanations of Necessity"

  • Krzysztof WójtowiczNot to Understand Time-Indexed Modals in Contexts with Backwards




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