Papers and Commentaries


  • Sam Cowling (Denison University, USA):  "Conceivability Arguments for Haecceitism" Commentator: Jonathan Livingstone-Banks

  • Theodore D. Locke (University of Miami, USA): "Grounding and Impossible Worlds" Commentator: Brian Ball

  •  Karen Green (University of Melbourne, Australia): "Natural Language and Ontological Illusions" Commentator(s): Darragh Byrne/Naomi Thompson

  • Jonathan Livingstone-Banks "Essence and Possibility"

  • Louis deRosset (University of Vermont, USA): "Modal Logic for Contingentist Metaphysics" Commentator: Martin Vacek

  • Michael De (University of Konstanz, Germany): "Five-dimensionalism" Commentator: Theodore Locke

  • Amy Karofsky (Hofstra University, USA): "The Impossibility of Otherwisedness" Commentator: Sam Cowling 

  • Peter Marton (Clark University, USA): "Knowing Possibilities and the Possibility of Knowing (A Further Challenge for the Anti-Realist)" Commentator: Igor Sedlár 

  • Andy Yu (Oxford University, UK): "The Indefinite Extensibility of Proposition"

  • Zsófia Zvolenszky (Eötvös University, Hungary): "Inadvertently Created Fictional Characters Are Innocuous" Commentator: Jonathan Nassim

  • Luke Malik: "Textbook Kripkeanism and Its Problems" Commentator: Karen Green

  • Darragh Byrne (University of Birmingham, UK), Naomi Thompson (University of Hamburg, Germany): "Is the World Really Hyperintensional?" Commentator: Luke Malik

  • Brian Ball (Oxford University, UK): "Modality and Metaontology" Commentator: Amy Karofsky

  • Cristina Nencha (Northwest Philosophy Consortium, Italy): "Essentialism and David Lewis" Commentator: Andriy Vasylchenko

  • Jonathan Nassim (University of London) : "Problems with Primitives: David Lewis's Justification of Modal Realism as a Test Case" Commentator: Cristina Nencha

  • Andriy Vasylchenko (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine): "Identity and Existence in Intentionally Possible Worlds" 

  • Igor Sedlár (Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia): "Impossible Worlds in Epistemic Logic" Commentator: Peter Marton

  • Johannes Bulhof (McNeese State University, USA): "The “Problem” of Alien Properties" 

  • Nikk Effingham (University of Birmingham, UK): "Heterodox Ludovicianism" Commentator: Louis deRosset


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