Accepted Papers (updated)

  • Matthew Collier (University of Oxford): "The Representational Deficiencies of Hybrid Modal Realism" (Commentator: Robert Michels)

  • Bing-Cheng Huang (National Taiwan University): "Expressivity of Language without Commitment to Possible Worlds" (Commentator: Matteo Pascucci)

  • Maciej Sendłak (University of Warsaw): "Worlds as Non-existent Objects" (Commentator: Sergio Genovesi) 

  • Tien-Chun Lo (National Taiwan University): "On the Relation between Temporal Necessity and Metaphysical Necessity" 

  • Michael Nelson (University of California-Riverside): "Contingent Existents" (Commentator: Lukas Skiba)

  • Matteo Pascucci (University of Salzburg): "Modalities Between a Logical and an Empirical Account of Indeterminism" (Commentator: Tien-Chun Lo)

  • William Bondi Knowles (University of Edinburgh): "Conceivability Arguments and Their Use in Philosophy" (Commentator: Peter Marton)

  • Robert Michels (Universite de Geneve): "Cross-World Comparatives for Lewisians" (Commentator: Michael Nelson)

  • Francesco Spada (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Philosophy, Department of Logic, History and Philosophy of Science, Barcelona): "Ascription, the Regress(es) of Instantiation and the Problem of Relatedness" (Commentator: Bing-Cheng Huang)

  • Péter Susánszky (Central European University): "Fictionalism and Mere Possibilia" (Commentator: Áron Dombrovszki)

  • Shyane Siriwardena (University of Leeds): "Towards a Modally Harmonious Theory of Counterfactuals: Challenging an Edgingtonian Approach" (Commentator: William Bondi Knowles) 

  • Sergio Genovesi (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn): "Contingent Events" (Commentator: Matthew Collier)

  • Zsofia Zvolenszky (Slovak Academy of Sciences): "Inadvertently Created Fictional Characters are Nothing New"

  • Mark Garron (McMaster University): "Quine and Priest and the Excluded Middle" (Commentator: Joseph James Dante)

  • Áron Dombrovszki (Eötvös Loránd University): "The New Theory of Modal Fictionalism" (Commentator: Maciej Sendłak)

  • Peter Marton (Clark University): "Facts, Truths, and Liars"

  • Jonas Werner (University of Hamburg): "A Modal Semantics for Essence and Ground" (Commentator: Mattia Sorgon)

  • Ilaria Acquaviva (Fondazione Collegio San Carlo, Scuola Alti Studi): "Francisco Suarez's Model Theory: An Actualists and Abstractionist Paradigm on Real Possible Beings"

  • Mattia Sorgon (University of Alberta): "The Modal Account of Essence: An Analysis of the Notion of Sparseness" (Commentator: Francesco Spada)

  • Yujian Zheng (Lingnan University): "Backtracking Counterfactuals in Causal Reasoning" (Commentator: Shyane Siriwardena)

  • Fabio Sterpetti (Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome, Sapienza University or Rome): "The Noetic Account, Understanding, and Modality"

  • Lukas Skiba (University of Hamburg): "Fictionalism and the Modal Status of Fictions" (Commentator: Zsofia Zvolenszky)

  • Borut Cerkovnik (University of Ljubljana): "Modality and Ontology of the Tractatus" (Commentator: Yujian Zheng)

  • Aaron Ben-Ze’ev (University of Haifa): "I Want to Know Where Love Is: The Extended Epistemological and Ontological Status of Romantic Experiences"

  • Martin Vacek (Slovak Academy of Sciences): "TBA"




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