Papers and Commentaries (up-to-now)

  • Jakob Schieder (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, King’s College London): "Explaining Essence and Modality" (Comments: Antonella Mallozzi)

  • Alex Steinberg (University of Zurich): "Saving Strict Adequacy"

  • Antonella Mallozzi (CUNY - The Graduate Center): "Conceivability, Possibility, and The Inconsistent Triad. The Kripkean Challenge to Modal Rationalism" (Comments: Alex Kaiserman)

  • Joachim Horvath (University of Cologne): "Philosophical Analysis: The Concept Grounding View" (Comments: Frances Heather Fairbairn)

  • Cristina Nencha (Northwest Italy Consortium): "Was David Lewis a Necessitist?" (Comments: David Mark Kovacs)

  • Frances Heather Fairbairn (Cornell University): "The Problem of Advanced Modalizing" (Comments: Robert Michels)

  • Lorenzo Azzano (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa): "Dispositional Arrays" (Comments: Meagan Phillips) 

  • Alexander Roberts (University of Oxford): "Modal Expansionism"

  • Robert Michels (University of Geneva): "Is ‘Metaphysical Necessity’ Ambiguous?" (Comments: Nathan Wildman)

  • Meagan Phillips (Northern Illinois University): "Counterfactuals as Property Relations" (Comments: Lorenzo Azzano)

  • Philipp Berghofer (University of Graz): "Unknowable Truths and Limits of Knowledge: What Conclusions Can We Draw from Fitch's Paradox of Knowability?" (Comments: Robin Neiman)

  • Zsófia Zvolenszky (Slovak Academy of Sciences): "Fictional Names, Rigidity, and the Inverse-Sinatra Principle" (Comments: Vladislav Terekhovich)

  • Dirk Franken (University of Marburg): "In Defence of Modal Monism" (Comments: Zuzanna Gnatek)

  • Alex Kaiserman (University of Oxford): "A Real Definition of Token Physicalism" (Comments: Jakob Schieder)

  • Kei Chiba (Hokkaido University): "Aristotle's Modal Ontology - Overcoming Potentiality-Actuality Reading"

  • Zuzanna Gnatek (Trinity College, Dublin): "Object Dependency in Timothy Williamson's Deductive Argument for Necessitism (Comments: Alexander Roberts)

  • Vladislav Terekhovich (Saint-Petersburg State University): "Possible Worlds and Substances" (Comments: Vasil Penchev)

  • Adam Tuboly (Hungarian Academy of Sciences): "The Role of the Quine-Church Debate in the History of Modal Logic" (Comments: Philipp Berghofer)

  • Nathan Wildman (University of Hamburg): "Exploring the Contingent Fundamentality Thesis" (Comments: Joachim Horvath)

  • Vasil Penchev (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences:): "More Than Impossible: Negative and Complex Probabilities and Their Interpretation"


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